San Juan Island- Burton Spring/Summer 17

Skylar Dombroski, Pushing 2 large trees apart
Mark Sollors, Standing on side of moss covered cliff
Mikkel Bang, Skateboarding down a fog covered hill
Tavia Bonetti, Fern Gully
Tavia, Dock Moment
Tavia Bonetti, Gas Station Smiles
Mark Sollors. Fog Hood
Danny Davis, Wild Tree
Tavia Bonetti. Hair Blowing in the wind
Mark Sollors, Mossy Tree
Mark Sollors, Walking On Bridge, Moran State Park
Tavia and Skylar, Spin to win
Mark and Tavia. No Hands
Tavia and Mark, Taking in a view
Bikes going around hairpin turn
Friends having a great time
Mark Sollors, Hammock in front of calm ocean
Anna and Danny, Riding The Ferry
Crew, Chatting on the ferry
Crew Walking Down to Seaplane
Danny and Anna Hanging Out
Danny Davis, Smiling in the plane
Mark Sollors, Fishing Off A Sea Plane
Danny Davis, Walking with bags
Mark McMorris and Danny Davis wave goodbye
Skylar, Splasing in the ocean
Crew hanging out on large rock
Girls hanging out on top of rocky beach bluff
Tavia and Mikkel, Middle of the road
Mikkel and Tavia, Having fun messing around on a  long country road
Mikkel, Smiles in a field of grass
Crew, Laughing in a van
Mikkel, Cracking a beer at the Cabin
Danny Davis Speed Hump
Anna Gasser, Superwoman
Danny Davis, Cup Holder
Danny Davis, Karate Kick
3 Guys, Having a blast
Tavia Bonetti, eating grass
Tavia, Laying in a large pile of driftwood on a beach
Tavia/ Skylar... Snakes in the grass
Lighthouse hill climb
Anna, Wind in her hair
Tavis and Skylar.. Late Date light
Tavia, Coverup
Tavia, Tent napping
Camp Vibes
Mikkel Pugent Sound dive
Seaplane Goodbye