Silhouette of Crew

Epic Silhouette of Crew on top of the mountain

Running Down Road
Snow Slide
Racing Down Road
Airing over the crew

Arms in the air, cheering on Red Gerard as he airs over the kids

Hat Throw
Pom Poms
Leap Frog
Stroll Through Forest
Ski Lift Rodeo

Red Gerard riding the ski lift a little bit different than intended

Hitting The Slopes Partying

Group of kids cheering before they get on ski lift for some summer snowboarding.


Portrait Shot

Celbrating a Day in the Mountains

The crew hangs out under the cliffs of mount hood laughing and throwing snow into the air

Portrait of crew

Crew hanging out on snow with jackets and outerwear

Red Gerard Pine Tree Outline Portrait
Red Gerard Barn Portrait

Red looking away from cam while wearing a green Burton hoodie

Hailey Langland Portrait

Hailey Hanging Out in front of old ski lodge

Hailey and Red jumping through frame
Crew hanging lakeside

Crew of kids hanging out on a lake with Mt Hood in the background

Red Gerard, Lake Portrait

Red standing in beautiful summer lake near Mt Hood Oregon

Marching to Slopes

2 kids march to ski lift with snowboards on their shoulders while smiling

Tying Boots in Parking Lot

Overhead shot of Red Gerard tying his snowboard boots in ski resort parking lot

Group snow slip n slide

A large group of kids slides down a snow covered hill with Mt Hood Oregon in the background

Red Gerard hiking up a mountain

Looking at camera while hiking with a snowboard

Red Gerard flipping upside-down on a quarter pipe

Action shot of Red Gerard riding slopestyle in the mountains during summer

Family Riding Snowboards Down Mountain

Family Riding Snowboards Down Mountain on a sunny day in Oregon

Hailey Langland snow spray

Girl sprays snow while snowboarding down mountain with valley in background.

Family Snowboarding

A family hanging at a picnic table on the side of the mountain after snowboarding with beautiful background on sunny day

Snow flying at camera

A kid sprays camera while snowboarding. Camera captures spray perfectly

Kid flips in the air over other kids

Red Gerard does a backflip over a bunch of kids hanging out with helmets and goggles on.

Kid slides down rail on snowboard

Girl snowboarder slides down rail on snowboard while other kids watch.