REEL 2021 - Gabriel LHeureux

This is my 2021 DP and Director Reel, shot all over the world with many great humans . Some of the talented DP's I worked with during shoots on this reel: Aaron Lieber, Ryan Young, Nathan Yant, Justin Eeles, Manolo Mendieta, Pat Fenelon, Scott Barber, Blake Vincent Kueny, Carousel Agency
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Birds Of A Feather

This is a short film I created based on an idea I had while watching a giant flock of birds fly around a local basketball court. Demetrius Griffen is the basketball player this film is based on. He grew up in the ultra competitive Tacoma Washington basketball scene. It's his story of becoming a man in this scene and how basketball shaped him in his life. filmed/ directed/edit: Gabriel L’Heureux drone: Blake Vincent Kueny script: Michael Lucas sound design: Max Holland music: Kishi Bashi

KMC Wheels / Subaru MS / Travis Pastrana

Launch video I shot/ directed for Travis Pastrana's new KMC Wheels partnership in conjunction with Subaru Motorsports. Shot on Burke Mtn in Vermont. Co-Directed/DP: Gabe L'Heureux Co-Directed/ Produced: Bryan Knox 1st Cam / Drone Op: Scott Barber Edit: Cory Sweitzer Client/ EP KMC Wheels: Billy Anderson

Wild Sage™ Bed Bath & Beyond

This is the long form version of a series of commercials I DP'd for Bed Bath & Beyond's Wild Sage line of products. Directed by Ryan Bucci, Produced by James Heth, 16mm film shot by Kelly Hammond, 1st AC Stephan Scavulli, Gaffer Jeff Peters, Sound Brian Testa

JUST LIVE - P Rod | Pastrana

This was a brand edit test that was put together from footage that Ryan Young and I filmed for Just Live. This was filmed with Paul Rodriguez and Travis Pastrana in San Clemente and Vista CA. Bryan Knox produced this, I edited, creative direction by Studio Remains/ John Alvino.

Chevrolet || Legendary

60 Sec commercial for the new Chevy Tahoe I Directed and DP'd featuring Jimmie Johnson and family. This was at the height of the Covid era of shooting. 3 person team on set. Shot in Charlotte, NC Directed/ Gabe L'Heureux Co Directed / Produced: Knox MMG DP / Edit: Gabe L'Heureux Movi and Drone OP: Nathan Yant Sound Design: Keith White Coloring: KuenyPearson Video Retouch: Joe Pease Agency: Commonwealth//McCann

Takeya Summer 21

A 60 sec urban focused fitness piece I dp'd/edited for Takeya with Ty Milford. Produced by Verity Hoskins. Shot in San Diego

DNFD 2021 Web Commercial Spot

DP work for DFND with Greg Crawford as CD

Carvana Laguna Seca Drone

This was a drone focused piece that we shot at Laguna Seca with Jimmie Johnson for Carvana. This was edit 1 of 2 that came out around this Indycar test. Drone Operator/Camera B was Nathan Yant, Drone Camera Operator/ DP / Editor myself, Produced by Bryan Knox
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Hydroflask || Day Escape

This is the first part of a 4 video series that I DP'd/ edited around the Day Escape Soft Cooler for Hydroflask. Shot on location in Joshua Tree in 2021. Directed by Ty Milford, Produced by Verity Hoskins.

Hydroflask - Lets Go

This is a short film that I DP'd for Hydroflask, shot in and around Bellingham Washington. Directed by Ty Milford, Produced by Verity Hoskins

Under Armour | Sling Wrap

This is part of a series of videos i DP'd for Under Armour with Wedge and Lever Agency to promote the release of Under Armors new Sling Wrap sneaker. This video project features Vernon Hargreaves from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Olympic Sprinter Natasha Hastings. It was filmed on location in Tampa, FL and Austin, TX. Wedge and Lever agency handled all creative direction and production of this project. Creative Director was John Antoski and Producers Tommy Pearson and Blake Vincent Kueny. Motion graphics work was done by Joe Pease

Takeya Summer 2020

Brand video for Takeya that I filmed with Director Ty Milford. Shot during Covid times in San Diego. Small nimble crew.. Great vibes.. Produced by Verity Hoskins

Slingflex - Under Armor

Some unreleased campaign footage from a shoot I DP'd recently for Under Armor that I cut together for reel purposes only..Creative Direction: Wedge And Lever... || . . Track i used for this is Noga Erez "Dance While You Shoot" Its pure gold.

New Balance MADE 990 v.4

This was a brand piece that i DP'd for the 990 Hightop Sneaker from New Balance. This was shot in San Diego produced, directed, and edited by Carousel Agency. Matt Lawless and Cory Ring shot 2nd and 3rd unit video on this piece as well

Kidding during the Quarantine

A little short film I made during the quarantine. The older you get the more you realize how much being a kid rules...

48 Forever, 48 Family

This was a historical piece commissioned by JJR to commemorate the legendary Nascar career of Jimmie Johnson. I edited this piece as well as filmed the new lifestyle content. This piece was produced by Bryan Knox, Lauren Edwards, and myself. Sound design by Keith White, musical score by Andrew Seistrup. This edit was amazingly successful with a million+ views

Ally Bank, Darlington Throwback

This was a piece I Directed, Edited, Filmed for Ally Financial and Jimmie Johnson to tease the 2019 Nascar Throwback Race at Darlington. Co Directed by Bryan Knox, DP- Justin Eeles, Drone and Movi work- Nathan Yant, Sound Design- Keith White

Gatorade Endurance, Formulated For Boston Episode 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series that I Directed, Filmed, and Edited for Gatorade Endurance chronicling Jimmie Johnson's lead into running the 2019 Boston Marathon while balancing his legendary Nascar Cup Career. Episode 2 and 3 of this series went viral and where watched millions of times. This piece was produced and Co Directed by Bryan Knox with Drone work was done by Nathan Yant.

The Car Swap

The Car Swap was a project that I Co-directed, shot, edited with Bryan Knox and Jimmie Johnson in conjunction with McClaren. The idea was to make a piece documenting Jimmie Johnson's journey to the Middle East to Swap cars with lengendary Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso. Shot in London, UAE, and Bahrain. Additional amazing camera work by Justin Eeles and Nathan Yant.

Meet The Roll- Specialized Bicycles

"Meet The Roll"- a brand video for Specialized Bicycles I DP'd, Co-Directed, Edited. The concept was to follow a rider throughout his day riding his Beach Cruiser' "Roll" Bicycle. || Photographer, Co-Director: Justin LHeureux || Creative Director: Dustin Ortiz || Producer: Heather Smith-Smith X Union || Marketing Executive: Jessi Farber || Rider: Dylan Buffington. Shot on location in San Diego

Under Armour | Shift The Culture | Nick Grant

This was a campaign piece that i DP'd with Rapper Nick Grant in conjunction with Wedge and Lever Agency. W&L came to me with this concept and we teamed up with Motion Graphics Artist Joe Pease to pull if off. This was filmed on location in Torrence, CA. Produced by Tommy Pearson and Luke Callahan. Art Direction by John Antoski.

The Tam Slam

A while back this local photographer kid Cole Ferguson told me about this super funny event the surf kids were organizing at our local break, Tamarack, and to come check it out. I brought a camera and snapped a bunch of photos. The next time the tide was perfect and it was called on I knew i had to make a video. Enjoy.. The SuperBowl of foam board surfing...HAHA

Defy | Jimmy Chin | Lifeproof

Defy is an episode of a series for Lifeproof that I DP'd in conjunction with Chris Adams of Tempt Media, Bill Sager of Carousel Agency, and my brother Justin. The idea behind the piece was an inside look at Jimmy Chin's life of climbing and skiing and the influence its had on his life. We shot this in Jackson, Wyoming in and around Jimmy's home. Jimmy also provided us some great stock footage he had from previous expeditions.
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LiveLoud - Aquaphonics Speakers - Lifeproof

This was the Aquaphonics Speakers launch video, I filmed and directed. Shot on location in Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta Mex

Time-lapse Reel

For the longest time anywhere in the world i could travel too i would shoot a few time-lapses. I never really had a goal in mind for these, it was just a fun hobby and memento from some amazing trips. Decided to put some of my favorites together in this little edit. Enjoy

NEXT - Lifeproof

NEXT was a 30 sec commercial spot that I DP'd and Directed. Lifeproof came to me and wanted to use the phone zoom concept to go from one scene to the other. This was filmed on location in Vancouver, BC.

Lifeproof- Living Proof Bobby Brown

This was a commercial spot that i filmed and directed for Lifeproof featuring Olympic athlete Bobby Brown on location in Breckenridge, CO.


This is an intro to the film "13" that Burton/Popular put together. I filmed a good amount of this intro in conjunction with Popular and the Burton media team. This film won "Movie of the Year" by Transworld Snowboarding.

SLAM - Lifeproof

SLAM was a brand video I filmed, edited, and directed for Lifeproof to showcase the durability of their new cases.

Lifeproof Alaska iPhone

This was a video I shot and co-directed with Carousel agency and David Oldfield surrounding Lifeproof's iPhone product line. The concept behind it was to show a bunch of friends have a great time while traveling and snowboarding around Alaska. We didn't get the snow we were looking for but none the less the video came out pretty rad


This is a video that I filmed with the Bolts Action guys in Utah to accompany the release of their new watch collaboration with Nixon Watches. We shot this in a 2 day period on the RED Epic. I shot and directed the piece. Seth Huot edited the piece. Unfortunately, there was not a budget for music so those guys had to use whatever they could find for tunes.

Lifeproof Joshua Tree

This was a segment that Carousel Agency, Justin L'Heureux and I teamed up for the Lifeproof/ iPhone 6 launch in Joshua Tree, CA. We wanted to do an authentic climbing experience and show the product in real world situations.

Telus Pro Photo Showdown Finalist Submission 2016 - Gabe L'Heureux

This was a 9 minute slideshow that i created as my entry in the Telus Pro Photo Showdown in Whistler, BC.. April 2016.... This was featured along side 4 other world class photographers to a room full of 2000 spectators and judges.

Destination- Adidas/ Journeys

This was a promo piece for a music/ art festival put on by Adidas/ Journeys and Starch Creative in downtown San Diego that I Directed, Filmed and Edited. Blake Kueny was also filming on this production. The goal was to make a 1 min edit that incapsulated the entire experience.


This is a trailer that Burton released in August 2013 for the 4 part web series that we produced. The intro shoot for this piece was one of the first of its kind and groundbreaking in the use of the Movi steadcam device. Corey Koniniec, Sam Nuttman, and myself filmed this intro segment on RED Epic. This piece was a collaboration between us 3 and the folks at Burton creative. It was directed by Alex Adrian.

Burton 2015 Teaser

This was a teaser Burton released for their 2015 web series "Burton Presents". I edited the action segment.

Shots In The Dark

Jeremy Jones and I created this video for the ESPN Real Street portion of the Winter X Games 2013. A "Behind The Scenes" video was required with each submission so we took it upon ourselves to make something memorable. Shot on RED using a 90mm tilt shift lens. Using 1 Lowell 1000watt light. This video was also featured on the RED Digital Cinemas website.

MōVI: The Burton Session

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the intro to the new Burton Snowboards video series, coming this fall. Filmed on the RED Epic using the Freefly Systems MōVI, this film gives you a closer look at how the MōVI is changing the way people are making films. Burton presents [SNOWBOARDING] full video here: MORE INFO


A few years back Brad Kremer and I teamed up with Shaun White, Kyle Mack, and Jeremy Jones to make a little video based on an idea he had gotten from his childs Japanese cartoon. With a little extra help from the fire department we made this video come to life.